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American League

Have ever watched pro wrestling and thought, "I could come up with a better gimick then that." Seen a pro sport and dreamed about being in the lime light. How about watched 'Gladiator' and wounderd what it would be like if they had combat like that today. Well here in the American League you can find it all out.

What I offer you here in the American League is a chance to roleplay in a rather unique enviorment. The American League is gladitorial combat mixxed with all the flash and flare of pro wrestling. This is a real world, modern day setting were you will play out the career of one of the lucky few who is good enough to fight in front of the crowds in the American League's home arean, The Theatre of Pain.

We here in the American League offer you more then just a fight engine, we offer you a world. Sure, the arena and the fights in it may seem important but the true back bone of the American League is you the player and the roleplays you produce.

As walk the streets of San Maritus, the AL's home city, you will find a world of roleplaying possibitlies. Though the setting may be in the real world the possiblities only stop with your imagination. San Maritus will give you a referance and frame work but the true color of the town and those in it will be up the players.
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Though the American League is reality baised it still allows for a mix of many things. I have had Voodoo Priests, magicans, serial killers, and even one fighter who claimed to be a werewolf. As long as your roleplays stay within game paramiters you can pretty much play the type of character taht you want.

Well I hope I have given you a fair idea of what the American League is like. I invite you to explore the site and find out all the details about the league and hopefully when all is said and done, you will join the many who have enterd the world of the Mystic Arena and the American League.